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Venus Olla is a Registered Psychotherapist (RP) with the College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario (CRPO). She is also trained in Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR). She provides therapy for: Children and adolescents, Adults, Parents Her areas of expertise include trauma, racial trauma, anxiety, depression, Borderline Personality Disorder, ADHD, family counselling. She is passionate about delivering a high standard of care to her clients. She infuses different therapeutic modalities such as CBT and mindfulness to assist her clients with their healing. Her strengths are built on her ability to establish trust and a good therapeutic alliance with her clients. She obtained her master’s level postgraduate diploma from the Canadian Institute for Child and Adolescent Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy (CICAPP).

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Embark on a journey of self-discovery and collective exploration as Venus invites you to submit your questions—personal, spiritual, or psychological. Each week, the "Soulscape" podcast will delve into the depths of these inquiries, weaving together insights from Venus’ diverse background as a mother, teacher, therapist, and spiritual guide.

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Soulscape is more than a podcast; it's a sanctuary for seekers. We believe that your questions are not just yours, they resonate with a collective consciousness, a shared journey toward understanding life's intricacies. Venus will gently navigate through the terrain of your inquiries, transforming each episode into a sacred exploration of the soul.

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 "Soulscape" stands as a unique tapestry, interweaving personal anecdotes, professional insights, and the collective wisdom of the audience. Venus believes in the power of shared experiences and the beauty of diverse perspectives. This podcast is not just about answers—it's about the journey of asking the right questions.

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How it Works

Submit your burning questions about life, spirituality, relationships, or anything that stirs your soul. Venus will select one question each week to serve as the anchor for the episode. You will be invited as a guest for that episode, during which we will explore your submitted inquiry. Your inquiries will shape the dialogue, creating an intimate and dynamic conversation 



Venus Olla provides therapy to:



Her areas of expertise include:

Racial trauma


Borderline Personality Disorder







Family counselling


Venus Olla’s uniqueness and strengths are derived from her multidisciplinary academic background and professional experience. She has a doctorate in education, a master’s in molecular biology, bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering and education, and most recently she obtained a master’s level postgraduate diploma in Child and Adolescent psychoanalytic psychotherapy. Her professional experiences are in manufacturing, criminal justice, and education. She is the co-founder of the Black Staff Equity alliance (BSEA), and she currently sits on the Board of Children’s First. Venus Olla has a Doctorate in Education, master’s in molecular biology, a Chemical Engineering degree and a Bachelor of Education. She has worked as an educator for 18 years at the secondary and postsecondary levels. Her academic and professional experience within education, healthcare, manufacturing, and law enforcement, provide her with unique insights and perspectives that are invaluable in her therapeutic work.

Team Building Session


Venus Olla is a keynote speaker and workshop facilitator. She offers a wide range of workshops for women, youth, parenting, and personal growth.

Previous engagements include but not limited to:

  • Stay Well Work Well Gender Based Violence 16-week Program WEST

  • Supporting Women in Trades Conference (SWIT) NewFoundland 2022

  • Ujima On Track to Success Youth Program United Way Jan – June 2022

  • Conscious Parenting Workshop October 2021 Family Fuse Organization

  • Inner Work and the Soul’s Journey Weekend Retreat

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Child's Pose


Venus Olla is a trained Yoga nidra meditation teacher. She offers 4-week and 8-week yoga nidra sessions for groups and individuals. Yoga nidra meditation is a form of guided meditation used to help with relaxation, rest, and sleep.

To prepare to enjoy the experience you’ll need a quiet, comfortable environment. The best position is in shavasana (lying on your back) and don’t forget a blanket, you’ll be still for 15 mins and your body temp will drop!

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Venus Olla, embraces a holistic approach to healing. She offers a unique and alternative technique known as Reiki to enhance your well-being.

Reiki, a Japanese energy healing practice, promotes balance and harmony within the mind, body, and spirit. Venus Olla believes in the power of this gentle yet profound modality, allowing individuals to tap into their innate energy flow for holistic healing.

Embark on a transformative journey with Venus Olla, and experience the soothing energy of Reiki. Experience a fusion of therapeutic insights and energy healing that aims to restore your inner balance, fostering a sense of peace and vitality.

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Alternative Therapy


Alafia Retreats was founded by Venus  in 2016.


Alafia retreat aims to provide affordable, comfortable, and relaxing retreats for the everyday person.


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Happy Family Portrait


If you have any further questions about my services or you would like to schedule an initial consultation with me please complete the contact information.

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