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Digital Health Care: Perspectives, Applications, and Cases

Digital Health Care:  Perspectives, Applications, and Cases explores applications of health care informatics; specifically, how digital technologies are transforming health care delivery services around the world. 

In addition to the broader themes encompassing eHealth informatics, including the historical evolution of eHealth, digital health transformation of hospital and clinical information systems, telemedicine, m-health and identifying future trends, the authors provide unique insight into Health Information Technology and informatics (HITI) adoption by using real-world examples and cases. 

Digital Health Care

Adaptive Health Management Information Systems:

Concepts, Cases, and Practical Application + Navigate 2 Advantage Access

Adaptive Health Management Information Systems, Fourth Edition is a thorough resource for a broad range of healthcare professionals–from informaticians, physicians and nurses, to pharmacists, public health and allied health professionals–who need to keep pace the digital transformation of health care.

Wholly revised, updated, and expanded in scope, the fourth edition covers the latest developments in the field of health management information systems (HMIS) including big data analytics and machine learning in health care; precision medicine; digital health commercialization; supply chain management; informatics for pharmacy and public health; digital health leadership; cybersecurity; and social media analytics.

Adaptive Health Management

Global Sustainable Development And Renewable Energy Systems

Global Sustainable Development and Renewable Energy Systems pushes through the boundaries of current research to introduce the concept of an energy management information system, exploring the role of energy for sustainable development.

This book goes into great detail describing the benefits of these systems for organizations focusing on corporate sustainability initiatives and activities to combat climate change.

Research presented in this publication include modeling techniques, software applications, and case studies that reveal how renewable energy sources such as wind, solar, and biomass fuel can have a significant implications for both operating costs and environmental impacts.

Global Sustainable Development

Mobile Health Solutions for Biomedical Applications Hardcover – Illustrated, June 1 2009

Healthcare systems are now experiencing a variety of challenges with the integration of mobile and ubiquitous technology.


Mobile Health Solutions for Biomedical Applications provides an international perspective on the benefits of mobile health technology and describes different examples and applications implemented in global healthcare.


This book presents research on the emergence of pervasive computing and health care systems that provide quality patient care services.

Mobile Health Solutions for Biomedical

Space Technologies for the Benefit of Human Society and Earth 2009th Edition

Overview of Space Technology It has been over 50 years since the first satellite was sent into orbit, and the impact of space technology can be felt in many aspects in our day to day life.

In addition to the convenience of knowing exactly where we are on the planet via GPS satellites; or deciding what to pack for a trip based on forecasts from weather satellites; watching CNN in a remote village via broadcasting satellites; there are now some crucial en-ron mental uses of Space technologies in the areas of natural resources management and environmental monitoring.

Space Technologies

Commerce in Space: Infrastructures, Technologies, and Applications

Over the next decade, significant technological advancements and policy implementations are planned to each of the five space infrastructures, (telecommunication, positioning and navigation, broadcasting, earth observation, and tourism) creating new opportunities for information technology.

Commerce in Space: Infrastructures, Technologies and Applications compiles an authoritative body of research on the expanding role of earth observation satellite initiatives and their application to such capabilities as mobile broadband, Internet, and mobile communication connectivity.

Commerce in Space
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