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Evidence of Scholarly Excellence


Launch of Antigen Assurance testing as a solution to facilitate cross border travel.  At the time of this launch the land border was closed. 

Interview with Hacking Health Radio. 

MEDHealth Summit Interview 

Enis: Electronic Nose Information System.

Evidence for Practice Scholarship 

Medhealth Innovation Cluster: Evidence of scholarship of service

Evidence of Scholarly Activities 

Panel Discussion, Keynote Speeches, Innovation Demos 

Against The Current

 Artificial Intelligence Art

This art was generated by me using Artificial intelligence text prompts. To create meaningful and detail images requires the design of elegant prompts.   Prompt engineering is a new discipline of study that  aims to create a standardized taxonomy to  create images with consistency and with aesthetics at the center of the design principle. 

Awards and news media mentions for Innovation Projects or Services 

Media mention
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